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Honeywell Commercial Thermostats

Honeywell Commercial Thermostats

Find a full range of Honewell Commercial Thermostats, available with great pricing and extra quantity discounts for contractors.  These thermostats provide reliable control and flexibility.


Honeywell Commercial Communication Thermostats                         Honeywell Fan Coil Thermostats & Honeywell Zone Thermostats               Honeywell Line Voltage Commercial Thermostats

Communicating Commercial Thermostats

  • Featuring the Chronotherm IV Deluxe Programmable Wireless Thermostats with options that homeowners want.         
  • Use with single zone receiver, or multi-zone receiver for zining control up to 3 areas.  Quick to install, sleak and wireless.                                             


Fan Coil/Zone Thermostats

  • Fan Coil / Zone Honeywell commercial thermostats provide cooling and heating control of unitary equipment..                                  


Line Voltage Thermostats

  • Used for direct control of heating and cooling equipment, these line voltage thermostats are great for equipment such as unit heaters and exhaust fans.


Honeywell Commercial Thermostats


Proportional Honeywell Commercial Thermostats


WebStat Controller and Batteries

Programmable Commercial Thermostats

Programmable Honeywell Commercial thermostats are easy to use with energy-saving features and customized applications like setpoints, occupancy schedules, and more with easy programming.

  Proportional                  Thermostats                            

 Web Stat

WebStat Controllers improves standalone thermostat control to the auto T7350 communicating platform with out adding complexity or (DDC) direct digital control cost.

Honeywell Wireless Occupancy Solutions




Wireless Occupancy Solution

WSK-24 Wireless Occupancy Sensor Kit and accessories.